So having spent the evening on Ebay (that site has a lot to answer for), I found myself the proud owner of two Land Rover 110s.  One was a 3 door, the other was a County Station Wagon (CSW).

Both had their issues, neither had an engine that ran, in fact the 3 door only has half an engine.  But between them there was a salvageable 110CSW.

So I had a bit of a challenge ahead of me but nothing insurmountable!!!

The plan for the CSW is relatively straighforward and bulletproof.

  • Strip everything down to a bare chassis, prep and paint
  • Paint with POR15
  • Rebolt everything back with stainless where applicable, obviously some bits will have to be regular bolts but they will be covered on Coperslip.
  • Spray the inside of the chassis with Dinitrol, its great stuff and sticks to produce a nice waxy surface coating that stops air and water doing their rust thing.
  • Repair bits as I go along following the usual rust worms that breed in Land Rovers
  • Drop a 200TDI with an LT77 box and Discovery Transfer Box
  • Replace the seats with something that is more comfortable!!

That will get me to a base vehicle and then I can bolt the rest of the bits onto it.

On with the stripping and prep work.